Floppy drive access in Ubuntu Hardy Heron

For those who still need to use floppies, it seems that floppy drives are not fully supported in Ubuntu anymore as there is no out-of-the-box solution that would work.

However, you can always mount the floppy manually:
1) Make sure that the floppy drive is properly connected to motherboard and that (internal) floppy access is enabled in system BIOS.
2) Start Ubuntu and create directory /media/floppy or something similar.
3) Mount the floppy by sudo mount /dev/fd0 -t auto /media/floppy.

You should be able to access the floppy either trough terminal or GUI programs.
Make sure to unmount manually when you’re done to prevent data loss: sudo umount /media/floppy.

Note that the GUI access *does not* work so do not try to access the floppy via Nautilus or Konqueror or such before mounting manually (step 2).

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