Fixing Klipper shortcut keys in KDE4.5+

After an update to Kubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (possibly also Lucid and Maverick) the commonly used Klipper shortcut Ctrl+Alt+V for invoking the pop-up menu does not work anymore. Very annoying, for browsing the clipboard history was very useful.

Here’s a fix (for Natty):

Go to System settings->Shortcuts and Gestures->Global Keyboard Shortcuts and select Plasma Desktop Shell in the KDE component box. Look for Systemtray-Klipper-10 and assign Ctrl-Alt-V to it. Most likely this will create a conflict with Klipper keyboard shortcuts, accept to force the change.

Pressing Ctrl-Alt-V should now bring up the Klipper pop-up menu. To select an item in history using only keyboard, choose with up/down arrows. The press Enter (to choose the item), press Esc (to close the pop-up). This is different than before when Enter also closed the pop-up. Note that the chosen item is not indicated in any way in the pop-up. Hopefully this will change in the future.

This hassle is all due to the fact that same shortcut is defined in (at least) two places. As plasma desktop shell is handling the shortcuts now, the old setting in Klipper section is simply ignored, but still present.


7 Responses to “Fixing Klipper shortcut keys in KDE4.5+”

  1. john foreplay Says:

    thanks! this worked for me.

  2. Alexander Kurinniy Says:

    Thank you! Couldn’t find this very useful feature in new KDE but now I’m happy again.

    It would be nice, of course, if pressing Enter to select item would also close the popup)

  3. Aneesh Says:


    I am using klipper with gnome. Is there any way to enable the same in gnome?..

    • kawakamasu Says:

      I haven’t used gnome in ages, so I wouldn’t know. In KDE this is due to a clash in keyboard shortcuts. Does klipper depend on KDE shortcuts in gnome too?

  4. Cristian Says:

    Ignoring the ctrl+alt+v shortcut, the item in history could have been selected with ctrl+alt+up/down, depending on how you choose to navigate. The problem is that it doesn’t paste the item selected, but the one before the new selection. I don’t get this. “Synchronise content of the clipboard and selection” option is enabled.

  5. Paul B. Says:

    Thanks. it supposedly was already set, but resetting it did the trick. Thanks again.

  6. mosh Says:


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