Fixing screen brightness keys in MacBook + Ubuntu 10.10

After upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10 natty, the keyboard backlight keys and screen brightness keys did not work in macbook pro.

Make sure that Mactel-support PPA repository in enabled. It is usually deactivated during the upgrade process.
InstallĀ nvidia-bl-dkms package:
sudo apt-get updateĀ 
sudo apt-get install nvidia-bl-dkms

KDE touchpad configuration disabled in Kubuntu Maverick

After upgrade from Kubuntu Lucid 10.04 to Maverick 10.10 the touchpad configuration was disabled in KDE system settings (System settings -> Input devices -> Touchpad). All the controls were disabled, the “Informations” section reading “Touchpad Name: Device not found”.

I have Apple Macbook Pro (macbook5,5) which uses bcm5974 driver. Apparently the driver is included in the recent linux kernels, but it can also be installed from the Mactel Support repository. First thing to do is to check if the drive is loaded in the kernel:
lsmod | grep bcm5974
If the command doesn’t print anything, you need to install the driver.

If the driver is installed, like in my case, but the KDE configuration is still disabled, check if xserver synaptics package is installed:
sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

The KDE touchpad configuration module is provided by the package kde-config-touchpad.

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